Summer nights and the living is…

This book will be the end of me. Although I have (of course) read it before and although I have seen the films a bunch of times the battle of Hogwarts is nearly making me start sobbing. Snape and Voldemort and everything just gets so god damn emotional! (Maybe not the wisest choice I have made; to read this book while PMSing, but what to do when one is in the middle of the end and everything!)

I will be sure to read something more positive after this, maybe a fluffy fanfic or something equally sweet.


getting ur period like




I am in agony! I have slept for about three hours or so, oh happy times! D: Well, I have to say that I at least think it is sort of nice to know all my angst the last few days has been nothing but PMS….

Benedict giving his best Gollum imitation. (x)

Oh god, this made my day and that is saying something since it is just a quarter past six in the morning. x’)

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Chocolate cake with frosting - oh yes!


Thranduil in armour - Middle Earth’s latest fashion trend.

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Got the best Name’s Day gift from T; several snapchats with his beard. (Translation from Swedish: “More beard to the people.”)

I wish I were going to comic con just to be able to see the teaser trailer. This new poster got me all exited!!!!

Today is my Name’s Day. It has just been me and mum, spending some quality time together. Now it is time for cookies, coffee and Fargo (I have been reading for most of the day) - I cannot wait to get my mother hooked on that series, I am looking forward to re-watch it with her!

Happy Gatiss Wednesday! (How come I have not seen this gif set before?!)

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