I couldn’t resist. Please, pardon my excessive use of the burn and doge tool. Someone help me, please, I can’t stop, this ship is taking over my life again. 

How come it is not up until now that I got to know that Legolas took Gimli with him when departing to the Grey Havens?!?! It is like super important and it changes everything, EVERYTHING!!!!!! I mean I have been angsting about this for like a decennium! OMG how come this just is printed in an appendix and not the actual book?!?!

Today we had some friends over for coffee, with them were two children, one of them - let us call her E - was five years old and to sit there beside her, listening to her and my mother talk, was like a great gift. x’) Using my mother’s iPad she drew some pictures which she then described was a planet named October and a tree that most of all wanted to be a planet. If I just could hang out with children like these more often I would not need an major in Theoretical Philosophy, I am sure of it!

Want out for a walk, still daydreaming about how it would be to live in the Shire.

I have been sitting here, daydreaming about this, for hours today. No, not just today, I have been fantasising of the Shire since I was six years old, to be honest.


One day I’ll remember. Remember everything that happened. The good, the bad. Those who survived… and those that did not.

Omg it was Bilbo who wrote the song that Pippin sings at the sacrifice of Faramir! How come I had not thought about this up until now?! My life!! My feels! My world and the universe and everything that is in it, OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

In the middle of an unstoppable craving for Tolkien I found this book! The appendix of The Lord of the Rings, it used to be my grandpa’s. Unfortunately it is in Swedish and the translation of everything that has to do with Middle Earth makes me shiver (it should be illegal to use such a dry language when translating the works of Tolkien!!!), but it is still loads better than nothing~

Study in Smaug (x) (x) 

Sorry-not-sorry for my spam.


THIS!!!!!!! WE ALL KNOW THE MEANING OF THIS!!!!!! We do, omg oh why, oh gosh my feelings!!!!!!!!!!!

Why is Gandalf all bloody?!?!?!?

But Thorin!!!!!!!